About NESSCO Trust

NESSCO Stands For

Neo Educational Skill Sports and Cultural Organisation.



What's NESSCO?

NESSCO is a social-good organization started by a team that is passionate and committed to the concept of giving back to the society. The techno-entrepreneur Mr N Srinivas Reddy is the master mind behind NESSCO. He has been successful in initiating and building enterprises across diverse sectors such IT, Infra, Real Estate, Finance, Organic Farming and Organic agro-Inputs and believes in the 'pay forward' philosophy of doing good brings back in multifold.

All the business units would contribute to NESSCO in by way of funds, time and energy for serving the under privileged in the rural and urban society, in particular Youth and Women.

As per UNESCO, India has the largest youth population which is a boon if they are provided the means to a productive and meaningful life. Also, in our society, gender inequality is an issue that needs to be addressed. These are the insights that have inspired NESSCO to prioritize the focus on development of youth and women.

This can be achieved by providing them Education, Skill development, Sports & Cultural activities. Another major area NESSCO has identified and like to address is to bridge gap is to serve as an interface between good Samaritans who want to contribute and the under-privileged for taking up specific activities in geography of their choice.

Who are we ?

The chief Promoter among the Techno-entrepreneurs team, Mr. N. Srinivas Reddy, a post Graduate of Engineering from the Faculty of Electronics and Communications is the chief mentor and the driving force behind this project.

He is also supported by donors from his circle of partners, friends and family.


To help the youth especially the women of rural segments, lead a good life through opportunities of employment, earning as well as engaged and enriched through an environment of social and cultural harmony. Involving communities at village level for group activities like sports and cultural events, thus enhancing the social harmony and spirit of camaraderie.


To help Youth and Women inculcate self-sufficient in developing the quality of lives and livelihood, solve their problems on their own and create opportunities at their doorsteps for utilizing their own resources most efficiently.

This is to be achieved by way adding relevant skills to the rural youth, provide opportunities for work-experience, and other avenues that involve the community at village level for group activities like sports and cultural events ensuring a strong social support base is built.


  • We believe in a participatory approach by all the stake holders involved in and affected by our activities.
  • We will evolve a sustainable model around an eco-system that brings together the trainee, trainer, mentor and facilitators
  • The end goals is not just economic liberation but holistic quality of life improvement that will include social and cultural aspects

Motto: Our motto is to make youth and women self-reliable to lead a quality life