As told by Swami Vivekananda "Education is the manifestation of perfection which is already present in you"

"An ideal education system is not one that simply teaches people how to make a living. It is one that teaches them how to make a life" – Anonymous

At NESSCO we believe in the innate talent and enthusiasm of the students to learn. We will support those students who have financial hurdles and ensure that they can pursue their dreams and realize their destiny of a better life! The most effective way to do this is to work on identifying the schools that are under-resourced and need most attention and take up holistic developmental activities through our partners / mentors / facilitators / donors. We do this by

  • Adoption of the school/schools in a particular geography
  • Provide specific services to students through time-framed activities
  • Recognize and reward students annually to motivate and encourage
  • Reward and felicitate the spirited teaching fraternity involved in the service