• What does NESSCO stand for?
  • Neo Educational Skill Sports and Cultural Organization.

  • What does NESSCO do?
  • We help rural youth and women grow stronger in the pursuit of jobs and better living and in turn improve their quality of living. NESSCO creates an environment of social responsibility in collective mode by conducting sports and cultural events and become the platform for helping those who want to and those that need the help.

  • Where does NESSCO work?
  • NESSCO will work across the rural areas of 2 Telugu speaking states to begin with and eventually move to all areas where we have Telugu speaking populace in pockets across the nation.

    Working with Us

  • How can my organization partner with NESSCO?
  • We would love to hear from you on how together we can solve India's most important problem of youth and women welfare. To partner with us, just click here.

  • We provide a service or product that can support your work. Are there any opportunities for us to join hands?
  • Please click here to know more on our Contact Us page for details

  • Can you provide funding for my project/idea?
  • We would be glad to hear more about your project and idea and see its impact and alignment to the NESSCO goals and take it forward. Please click here to know more

  • How can I apply to work at NESSCO?
  • Please click here to know more on our Opportunities page for details

  • How can I volunteer for NESSCO?
  • Please Click here to know more on our Menotr page for details

  • Does NESSCO offer internship opportunities?
  • Great opportunities exist for Internships with us and are posted periodically. Please click here to know more on our Opportunities page for details. If you have a specific interest and do not see a relevant internship posted on our website, please contact us by email on internship@nessco.com

    Public Engagement

  • How can I arrange for a NESSCO representative to speak about an event that we are hosting?
  • Please Click here to visit our Contact Us page to connect with us or email to us at hello@nessco.com.